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Why Study in the US ?

Before we answer this,Let's take a look at some statistics

40 out of the 100 Universities in the world are in US.

Out Of the 10 Universities in the world, seven are in the US.

There are more than 9,75,000 international students studing in the US at this very moment.

About 80% of the research in the world happens in the US.

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If these hard facts and figures are not enough to convince you,there is a wealth of other reasons as to why you should study in the USA.

Top-quality Education

Rather than just limiting its circle of influence to theoretical knowledge, the education system in the US focuses on a more research-oriented and practical way of teaching in the world’s most well-equipped colleges under the tutelage of the world’s most qualified professors.

Distinctive Curriculum

One unique quality of the US universities is their accent on “liberal arts”. You get to focus not just on your specific major here, but on a plethora of other subjects like philosophy, social sciences, environmental sciences, history, and literature. This helps prepare you for something much greater and beyond your immediate career goal.

Research, Innovation, and Training

Students have the option to assist their professors in various innovative research programs. This helps them earn their pocket money, broadens their world-view, improves their skill-set, and allows them the opportunity to learn under the most highly-qualified and experienced mentors out there.

Flexibility in Academics

University education in the US offers flexible academic options to its students. Undergraduates can pursue various different courses before they choose a major at the end of their second year. This gives the students the opportunity to explore their options before picking a career path. If a student is really interested in two fields and cannot decide, they also have the option to do a “double major”. Moreover, students can customize their coursework basis their interests.

Globally-recognized Degrees and Certificates

If you graduate from a university in the US, your degrees hold universal worth, and will be acceptable in any country you choose to work in. Not just “acceptable”, students with these degrees are highly “sought after” in all parts of the world.

Up-to-the-minute with Latest Technology

US universities are all very much focused on research and development,and appreciate the crucial role that technology plays in it. It is made sure that the college facilities are all up-to-mark with the latest advancements in science and technology, and the students are constantly introduced to newest methodologies and skills in the market.

A Melting Pot of Cultures

A standard classroom in any college in the US will have students of all ages,ethnicities, religions, financial backgrounds, and countries of origin,studying together in a friendly and stimulating learning environment that encourages cross-cultural networking, and a general goodwill and tolerance among students.

Lively Campus Life

America is the land of freedom and opportunities. College life here is not just about getting quality education and building a career, but about building a quality life. The students indulge in a profusion of extra-curricular activities, like poetry classes, dance-clubs, theatre, college magazine editorial club, varsity teams, cheerleaders association, student councils etc.,and discover the hidden artists, actors, singers, debaters, sports stars and politicians inside of them.

Assistance and Support for International Students

Most of the universities here have international student offices. These offices cater to each and every need of the international students to make their lives abroad easygoing and hassle-free. Whether it is related to their accommodations, visa and passport details, or career opportunities, these offices have it all sorted for them.

Student Scholarship Programs

No other country in the world offers scholarships worth millions of dollars at both undergraduate and master’s levels. In addition to this, students have the option to take up internships and teacher assistantships, which help pay off most of their expenditures. Also, tuition fee is waived off for the highbrow students.

Preparation for Employment

International students in the US universities can take up a job for up to 20 hours per week. Most colleges have a dedicated staff that helps their students to secure internships. There are also a lot many extra-curricular activities these colleges offer that provide the students with a real-world job experience—activities like writing and editing for the college magazine or joining the debate club. The idea behind this is to provide a practical experience to back the theories learnt in class. This really helps when you go out for job interviews later.

Employment in the US

From World Bank to the Federal Reserve, most global organizations are known to recruit their staff from the well-known universities in the US.After completing your education in the US, if you want to work here, you will be allowed a work visa for one (for non-STEM students) to three (for STEM students) years.

Labor Shortage in the US

There are more job openings in the US today than eligible professionals to fill them up. The local resources lack the requisite skills to perform certain tasks. This means there are copious opportunities for international students to pursue a career in the US after graduation. The professions most in demand are: website designers, computer architects, software engineers, chartered accountants, tax auditors, line managers, marketing experts, HR specialists, sales people, trainers, mechanical engineers, to name a few.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg. Studying in the US will be the best decision you will ever make! Life is not just about surviving, but about thriving; and if you want to blossom into the best version of yourself, the US is your destination!

Best Universities in the US

Stanford University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Princeton University
Harvard University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Duke University
University of Chicago
Yale University
California Institute of Technology (CalTech)

Admission Process

Study Abroad Test Preparation


The first step you need to take in your quest to go study in the US is to register with the institute most likely to send you there, your very own USERC.


Next, we do a thorough end-to-end profiling of your candidature. We assess your academic qualifications, your extra-curricular activities, your total work experience (including internships), your finances, your hobbies,and your career goals and aspirations.


In this stage, we evaluate what exams you need to clear in order to meet your career goals. If you have already taken any tests, we evaluate your results to figure out our next steps.

Short Listing

Basis all this profiling and evaluation, we shortlist potential universities and courses for you.


Next, we ask you to create the first drafts for your Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of Recommendation (LOR), Resume, and the various college essays. Before you begin, our editor will have a few sessions with you to discuss the content that goes in all this. Once you are done, the editor will edit all these documents to make them submission-ready.

Application Submission

Your completed application forms are thoroughly reviewed by our experts to ensure zero defects. They are then submitted to your chosen universities well before the final due dates.

Interview Preparation

Some universities have a PI round as well. We prepare you for these interviews by sharing best practices, tips and guidelines, and by conducting mock practice sessions.

Visa Application

We also prepare you for your interviews with the High Commissions or the Embassies, and help you with all the required documentation for your visa application process.

Final Departure

We provide you all the necessary information about the country you plan to study in. This includes not just information about the education system there, but also about the weather, the lifestyle and the culture, the food,the people, the transportation, etc. We prepare you in every respect for your life abroad.