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Why Study in Europe ?

Before we answer this,Let's take a look at some statistics

In order to make college studies affordable for their students, all the while maintaining the highest quality of education, European countries invest a good deal in their higher education systems.

What’s more is that in some of the European countries, education is totally free of cost!

High quality education that won’t cost you a penny! What else can you ask for?

If that’s not enough, there are heaps of other reasons why you should opt to study in Europe for your higher studies. Let’s see what they are:

Study Abroad Test Preparation Study Abroad Test Preparation

If these hard facts and figures are not enough to convince you,there is a wealth of other reasons as to why you should study in the EUROPE.

World-Class Studies

Many of the world’s top universities are located in Europe. You can choose from among more than 100,000 available courses in Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, and vocational studies, as per your needs and interests. Each country has its own specific strengths. Europe has the second largest league of universities after the USA.

Low Tuition Fees

The tuition fees at most European public universities are extremely low. In some countries, there is no fees associated with education. Moreover, there are a number of scholarship opportunitiesavailable for students regardless of their citizenship.

Ease of Travel

If you are studying and living in Europe, then the opportunities of travelling abound. You will find a variety of cheap trains and flights to visit countries within the European Union over a free weekend. And who hasn’t dreamt of backpacking across Europe?

High Standard of Living

Students enjoy a wonderful standard of living here. Most European countries offer various student discounts on movie tickets, transport, shopping, and restaurants. This enables the students to go out and experience life beyond studies and at a really reasonable price.

Fantastic Job Prospects

Potential employers are well aware of the high quality of education at European universities, and are likely to be impressed by your education background. Moreover, most of the large international businesses have European headquarters, which means there are ample job opportunities for new graduates.

Intriguing History

Europe has a rich culture steeped in history. There are museums and historical monuments that represent the various eras in European history, and are there to be explored by the student populace. You can visit such places and see for yourself what makes Europe unique and set the mark for Western Lifestyle.

Plentiful Research Opportunities

Europe is the continent of innovation. Did you know that Skype, Spotify, Candy Crush, Mine Craft, and Angry Birds all originated from Europe? The European Research Area (ERA) was established in 2000, and has so far opened 250 centers across Europe to help international students explore research opportunities. The students need a Scientific Visa to enter, stay, and work in these European countries in exchange for research work.

A Happy Place

Europe is a great place to live: 7 of the world’s happiest countries are in Europe! These countries are: Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Sweden. Study in one of these countries, and graduate with a big smile on your face.

All these are just some generic advantages of studying in Europe. If you will decide on where in Europe you want to go for your higher education, you will find heaps of great benefits specific to that country as well.

Best Universities in Europe

University of Oxford, UK
University of Cambridge, UK
Imperial College London, UK
ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
University College London (UCL), UK
The University of Edinburgh, UK
KU Leuven, Belgium
The Technical University of Munich, Germany
The University of Manchester, England

Admission Process

Study Abroad Test Preparation


The first step you need to take in your quest to go study in the US is to register with the institute most likely to send you there, your very own USERC.


Next, we do a thorough end-to-end profiling of your candidature. We assess your academic qualifications, your extra-curricular activities, your total work experience (including internships), your finances, your hobbies,and your career goals and aspirations.


In this stage, we evaluate what exams you need to clear in order to meet your career goals. If you have already taken any tests, we evaluate your results to figure out our next steps.

Short Listing

Basis all this profiling and evaluation, we shortlist potential universities and courses for you.


Next, we ask you to create the first drafts for your Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of Recommendation (LOR), Resume, and the various college essays. Before you begin, our editor will have a few sessions with you to discuss the content that goes in all this. Once you are done, the editor will edit all these documents to make them submission-ready.

Application Submission

Your completed application forms are thoroughly reviewed by our experts to ensure zero defects. They are then submitted to your chosen universities well before the final due dates.

Interview Preparation

Some universities have a PI round as well. We prepare you for these interviews by sharing best practices, tips and guidelines, and by conducting mock practice sessions.

Visa Application

We also prepare you for your interviews with the High Commissions or the Embassies, and help you with all the required documentation for your visa application process.

Final Departure

We provide you all the necessary information about the country you plan to study in. This includes not just information about the education system there, but also about the weather, the lifestyle and the culture, the food,the people, the transportation, etc. We prepare you in every respect for your life abroad.