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Course Structure

There are so many considerations to learn about SAT. Why is it important to increase the test scores related to it though? There are various tips to learn about sections, and how long they are going to be eventually. These should be answered by those who are thinking of taking the said exam.

The Parts

  • English : Before, there was a Verbal section on SAT. This is termed as Critical Reading. Why is there such? Because this is the section which is meant for critical reading questions. All of these are designed to the testing of the reading skill of the person in a passage, paragraph or even sentence.
  • Math : The aforementioned is made up of Algebra II. This comes with five to multiple choice student responses. This can be of the same length of a particular Critical Reading segment. There are instances when this may appear with a 25-minute section and also 20. The proctors would also allow the use of a calculator with this.
  • Writing test (part one) : The writing section is composed of two parts. The first one is the essay, and the other is the multiple-choice section. When it comes to the essay portion, this would always be the first part of the SAT. This can be completed in 25 minutes. This is a chance to answer any essay question that is asked. This is when the point of view of agreeing and disagreeing would have to happen. The essay should support a selected position. There should always be an example for reasons that may be from history, art, literature, science, current affairs and even other kind of experiences that are available around.
    The essays here may be graded from a scale of 1 to 6. Two independent readers would have to be involved here though. The two scores will then be combined. This is a way in forming a sub- score for an essay that may be from 2 to 12. For examples, there are differences in the score, and then it may be on two points. The third reader would be the one to score the response here. The evaluators can be made of high school teachers and even college professors who are teaching composition. In order to make sure that the essays will be scored accordingly, grading purposes should be scanned through the web. These are available online. Every student should do such.
  • Writing Test (Part II) : This writing section would always have thirty five minutes of multiple-choice grammar. This is also true with regard to the way the questions are being used. There are also sentences which can be presented. These are going to require the identification of mistakes in grammar, sentence construction, diction, proper word usage, subject-verb agreement and even wordiness.

When it comes to the writing section, the highest possible score should be 800. The essay would count nine for the score. When it comes to the score on the multiple-choice and essay, all of these should be combined. This is when a writing sub-score will be assigned. The highest possible score in the sections are 800 each. This is why for the perfect score, it would be 2,400.

How to increase your score

In order to increase scores, preparing for the SAT is the answer of course. There is always a need to have a strong foundation in math, reading and writing here. If you are to enroll in a review, the strategies will be thought accordingly. This is a chance to get the most of knowledge. SAT will always allow the determination of your weaknesses. As this transpires, focusing on improvements should occur too. This is always available for most review buddies like us.

What to Look for in a Tutor

We make sure that our tutors are picked from teachers who are highly experienced and rated. These are always built from students who have unique learning styles and levels. This is why every member of our team is qualified to helping you reach your outmost potential. This means that we are not only meant to teach students, we also do the same for teachers. We have tutors who are tasked to write the review for the courses we offer all the time.

The students who choose to give the SAT exam from May 2016 would have opted to give the redesigned SAT. The curriculum has been revamped, keeping in mind how the student would look for answers to questions in college. The SAT has become analytical. Answer choices have narrowed down to 4 now, instead of 5. The bane of every student- negative marks has been omitted.

A quick look at the structure of the SAT curriculum, format and scores would help to understand clearly what the child has to prepare for.

  • Section Score : 200-800
  • Total Score : 400–160
  • Exam time: 3 Hours (+50 minute optional essay)
  • Math : 200–800 points
  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing : 200–800 points
  • Essay : Scored on a scale of 2–8

There are 4 sections (instead of 10 that the old SAT had) that the students read and answer questions, to obtain the desired grades.Students’ study English and Math and answers are based on these two subjects. English would focus on comprehension and grammatical skills and Math would have questions based on three main categories: Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math, and Problem Solving and Data Analysis. These topics make the bulk of the study in Math with questions also on geometry, basic trigonometry and complex numbers. The math section allows the students to use calculators for 30 multiple choice and 8 grid-ins (including one Extended Thinking question) which would last for 55 minutes. There is one more section in Math which has 15 multiple choice questions and 5 grid in questions which should take the student 25 minutes to complete.

Time management is an important factor in tackling the SAT exam. Sincere practice and efficient time management is the step to securing a good result in the exam.

The SAT exams are held six times in the year and the student would need to register through the “college board” website or on the Khan Academy website. For further details contact USERC.

Other Course

If you are one of those people who have a goal to land on a Top 15 b-school, and then the idea is for you to score 700+ on your GMAT. This should be completed by you. This has to be completed. There are so many Math specialists out there who can show the best strategies when it comes to this endeavor. Solving challenging math problems should not be a struggle then. This can be learned about.


If you are in need of focused, personalized and flexible instruction, we can do that just for you. We are very much committed to providing all of these and more. For sure, you will be able to be accommodated with the services we offer. Ever since, we make sure that we meet the prep sessions our clients wants. This is how adaptable we can be.


The creation of ACT is done by ACT Inc., This is known as an entrance exam. Lots of universities and colleges use the mentioned for admission decisions to be taken accordingly. The idea in here is for most colleges to be provided with a certain criterion. This can be used so that all applicants may be compared. There is a weight being placed to these ACT scores. This may differ from one school to another.


MBA makes use of three exams for major English language proficiency. This is true for other programs that are utilized for the test. Basically, the idea is to make sure that the ability of the person to communicate in English is tested. Before, the most common ones were Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and International English Language Testing System (IELTS). These were known to many these days. Changes were observed in the year 2016 though.

Course reviews

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 30 reviews. See some of the reviews here.

  1. SAT Gurgaon
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    Smriti Chauhan

    London Business School was where I wanted to study Masters. I started my GMAT classes at USERC and with the help of everyone connected with the center I scored 760. My desire was granted all due to the hard work and dedication of everyone concerned.

  2. Top SAT coaching Institute in delhincr
    4.00 out of 5

    Shrey Bahadur

    Dedicated and hard working faculty has a positive effect on the students too. A score of 2360 and knowledgeable counseling opened the doors for me at Stanford, Yale and University of Washington