We realize that every student is unique and comes with his own set of strengths and weaknesses. The foundation course is just the right remedy for you. The classes start with the teaching of fundamental concepts and a few problems solved and discussed in the class. We make sure that no concept is left untaught and that no student leaves the class with any doubt.

Now that we have covered up the fundamentals exhaustively, it is time for some difficult match practice. We realize that we are not just aiming for an ordinary admit, but a great admit. That’s why the foundation course paves way for the advanced courses where we discuss the difficult problems and make sure that you get to the depth of what it takes to score high.

Done with the course. Phew! But that is not the end for us. We make sure that you have enough simulations for practicing of the mock test series so that the actual exam is just another day for you. Our refined test engine is fed with refined and updated questions that present the replica of the actual paper not just once but every time that you sit for it. Also, for every mock we would make sure that you end up discussing it with your faculty so as to plug your weaknesses and harness your strengths. After all, no warrior goes to the war without wearing his armor and knowing his strength.

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