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Ending up with a scholarship can be securing. This should be pursued by many if they feel like pushing through with their studies is difficult without assistance. There is nothing to worry because this is possible. This is for sure. If you want to be granted one, there is a procedure you have to follow of course. What is this said procedure? The below mentioned process can be considered:

  • Look for SFS. Enroll and then sign.
  • Go for an interview under the India Office
  • Student needs to submit documents
  • Scholarship offers should be attained by checking on assessment carried out by US team coupled with universities.
  • Select the scholarship offered.
  • Finish the formalities meant for final admission
  • Receive I 20
  • Briefing of pre departure
  • Visa Counseling
What to Expect from the Programs

There are scholarship programs both for graduate and undergraduate programs. There are students out there helped by this. These may come from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. The recipients are granted fund and they are awarded this from time to time. What are these scholarship programs for?

  • The Scholarship Program is always designed for most international students. These are for individuals who want to start or continue their studies. Transferee in the United States may also happen here.
  • Students are given the chance to select areas of studies to 120.
  • There is a minimum net which can be saved for four years of education. This can be of INF 20 lacs and even 50 lacs.
  • Commitment can be obtained depending upon the needs of the person.
  • Most of the students would attend to accredited Universities in the US. This may be for less than USD 12,000 that includes boarding, room and tuition.
  • There is an average participant that would receive minimum of 7 admission offers. These may come with scholarship options that are available from various institutions in the US.
  • Most of the scholarships have cost of study, meals and campus housing.
  • Lots of scholarships would apply a degree wished to be pursued in the United States.
  • The Program would increase the chances of acceptance and recruitment. These are for American universities and colleges.
  • The program would most likely bring international scholars which can be an opportunity to persevere in an academic career in the US. This is meant for a degree that is recognized nationally and internationally for most employment markets.
Other Scholarship Grants

It is also possible to apply for a master’s degree scholarship program. This may also be intended for international students who want to persevere graduate studies, even in the United States. Most of the time, majority of students would want to be in accredited Universities in the US and they can do this for less than 20,000 USD of the total cost of scholarship for the year. The commitment is to earn scholarships. This can be based on the needs of the person.
Lots of scholarships have tuition, campus housing, and even meals. All of these are applicable regardless of the person’s degree. He or she has to be in the United States though. What else are the inclusions?

  • The participant is expected to receive two options of scholarship from various institutions in the US.
  • The program would increase the chance of the person to be recruited. This is also a chance to be accepted by prominent colleges and universities in America.
  • The program we offer, for example, brings many international scholars the chance for the pursuit of academic career which is bound in the United States. This is when a degree can be obtained. This is also a chance to be exposed to the world.
About Us

We are an organization that comes with a great amount of experience in student placement. We can always create bridge between international students and even American higher education institutions. We make sure that we contribute to cultural diversity, awareness and the understanding of multinational cultures.

The personal interests of the students would be considered here too. These can be taken into account. Their values will be looked at too. This is a way for us to prepare the students. Those who are interested not just in academics, but also in athletics will really have a good opportunity here.

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